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Username: K3JK
Date Posted:Dec 20, 2010
Email : Send me an email
Gender male
Age 64
Country United States
Occupation industrial maintenance man
About me K3JK here. I am in the 15 to 20 wpm group. still learning to copy in my head, its tough. I live in Northumberland county in Pennsylvania. at night around 7:00 o'clock p.m. eastern time I can get into the radio room to practice CW. Now, that wouldn't be every night, but we can keep in contact thru email if we want to have a schedule. looking forward to meeting cw operators. I know we would eventually run out of things to say in the qso, but we can send text from something just to practice. My hobbies are praise team leader at our church (fender lonestar strat and Taylor accoustic, love photography, and of course ham radio.

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