Amazing Tips For Visiting Malta.

I was born and raised in Malta. At the age of 27, I moved to Edinburgh. There are some things about Malta that I really miss – though there are a few other things I don’t miss at all – and I guess writing blog posts about my country is one way of dealing with […] Read More

South of Siracusa : What To See Plus The Best

Sea shores and outside There’s bounty to request on the coast, as well. South of Siracusa, Fontane Bianche has a sandy sea shore, and cafés, and a few elementary for outing supplies. Be that as it may, off the SS115 south of town is the thing that might be Sicily’s best sea shore: Spiaggia della […] Read More

Best Tips For Anyone Visiting Corsica For The First Time.

Although only around a two hour’s flight time from the UK, Corsica is a holiday destination which is still relatively unknown. Located south of France and just above Sardinia, it’s a small yet intriguing island, with everything from paradisiacal beaches to rugged mountains and a whole lot of history and culture in between. If you’re […] Read More

The Perfect Beach Escape In Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

Recently we spent 10 days relaxing in Ayia Napa, Cyprus and it was heaven. It was exactly what we’d hoped for and we left sunkissed, happy and 100% relaxed. It’s amazing what 30 degree days, salt water and sunshine can do for your soul! This said, we barely scratched the surface of everything Cyprus has […] Read More


One of the biggest tourist destinations in Greece, Mykonos attracts cruises, families, and honeymooning couples. It is the most expensive island in the Cyclades, but it’s tough to resist with its quiet winding streets, small alleys lined with whitewashed houses overlooking a beautiful harbor, beautiful beaches, amazing restaurants, and out of control nightlife. If you […] Read More

This Studebaker Avanti eats Hellcats

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy declared, “We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” That same year, the Studebaker Corporation gambled it all on a flagship 2+2 grand tourer with V-8 power. One dream made it, one […] Read More

Icon’s barn-burning 1949 Hudson Super Six is anything but neglected

Restomod gurus from Icon recently debuted their latest creation. Based in Chatsworth, California, Icon is famous for transforming Toyota FJs, Ford Broncos, and flatfender Jeeps into re-engineered restomods, and this 1949 Hudson Super Six is the latest in Icon’s Derelict line, which features an all-new chassis and drivetrain under bodywork that’s left as untouched as possible. Icon made a name for […] Read More

Icon’s first derelict Bronco is burnished to perfection

All of Icon 4×4’s Ford Bronco or Toyota FJ40 restorations are built with an eye for detail, an emphasis on substance and usability over unnecessary flash. Icon built 14 Broncos for customers in 2017, with plans to build 17 by the end of 2018, but this 1966 Bronco roadster is new territory for the outfit. It’s the first that […] Read More

This 1000-hp “Christine” tribute is one helluva Hemi build

We all knew Christine would need some extra help resurrecting herself, especially after being compacted into a tiny cube. Still, who could have predicted the cursed 1958 Plymouth Fury to come back snorting three times more horsepower than her dubbed-over Cobra Jet soundtrack ever boasted, thanks to a Hellephant powerplant? Stay your knees from knocking long enough to […] Read More

I bought a film-famous Murcielago for $80K, and then things

upercar ownership ain’t what it used to be. Pop open any social media app and you’ll be thrust into a sea of barely-post-pubescent man-children braying about how getting their sparkly one-off Ferrari three weeks out of high school was a result of 49 percent “rising”, 49 percent “grinding”, and… two percent having a semi-absent dad […] Read More